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Imaginary City has been selected to participate in the 13th edition of Istanbul International Architecture and Urban film festival, which will take place October 12-19th, 2019. The festival aims to support films developed on the theme of “architecture and urbanization”, as well as to ensure that the nominated films meet with the audience. The festival features documentaries and animations produced within the last two years, and an international competition is organized amongst the selected films. The award-winning films will be announced on October 19th, 2019.

“Imaginary City” is a visual essay which embraces the history of Nuart Festival as a chance to explore the ability of street art to change the ways of seeing the city.

This visual essay aims to discover what makes some cities more vivid than others. At the end it assumes that street art changes the people on the street (it can inspire, encourage, teach or challenge) and those people are changing the city by themselves in a way nobody else could. Therefore, situation “when someone in social housing go out and write quite conceptual text on electricity box” (as said by Martyn Reed in documentary) transforms into well-known right to the city as “right to change ourselves by changing the city” (David Harvey).

“Imaginary City” intentionally avoids everything that one can expect from the mainstream street art movie. It doesn’t have much of an action, art talks instead of creators, and the slow pace of film allures into zone when time disappears. This documentary was not meant to impress, but rather to give an insight into philosophy embraced by one of the oldest street art festivals in the world.

Featuring Martyn Reed, Evan Pricco, Javier Abarca and Carlo McCormick.

Filmed in Stavanger (Norway) 2015 - 2018



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