Welcome to Nuart’s family day at Tou! Open for art lovers of all ages!

To round off Nuart Festival 2019, we welcome you, your family and friends to join us for an art day at Tou.
There will be workshops for children of all ages, an art market with local artists, a free street art tour to show off this year’s works, lounge and DJ at Øst, limited edition street food at Fortou, art exhibition at Ølhallene, and more!

Bring your old, young, big and small friends & family to Tou for a day filled with activities for all!

See you there!

PS: Unfortunately, registration for selling at this years art market has closed.

Detailed program:

10.00 Exhibition: "Brand new, you're retro" // The beer halls

Nuart Festival 2019s art exhibition in the beer halls at Tou. Works from this year's 11 artists will be presented. Tickets available at or at the door at the entrance.


11.00 Art Market // Scene 2

Nuart wants to help promote local artists, and therefore invites to a free art market in collaboration with Makers Twelve at Tou.

The artists will be announced in more detail closer to the festival.


11.00 Workshop: Chalk don't chalk // Outside Tou

"Chalk don't chalk" is a free, engaging and public art project for children of all ages. We give children the freedom to chalk their own designs in the colors of the rainbow inspired by artists from Picasso to Banksy, Brancussi to Sir Ken Robinson. Local artists and students will be available as advisors and mentors throughout the day, who, together with dedicated volunteers, will ensure that the children are well taken care of.


12.00 Workshop: yes you CAN! // front room, Beer halls

In collaboration with Urban Hands, children and young ones are invited to attend a free, engaging and creative workshop where we reuse used spray cans to create unique works of art. We give kids the artistic freedom to design their own cans using spray paint, markers, stickers and glitter, only your imagination limits your design! Local artist, Pricila Serrano, will be present along with volunteers throughout the workshop.


01.00 DJ Prince Jerry // Øst

At Øst you can enjoy mouth-watering drinks while DJ Prince Jerry spins his decks to ensure the right mood. Prince Jerry has in recent years been a fixture in the beer bar Øst, with an eclectic taste of music that moves in different genres and speeds. Feel free to combine this with an exciting dish from Fortou's limited edition Nuart street art menu.


14.00 Nuart festival 2019 street art tour // Backyard at Tou

Nuart's street art tour will take you through the amazing story of the world's longest running street art festival. During the 1.5-2 hour tour, we will see large and small works of art, some you might see daily, and some well-hidden treasures you may not realise were there. The range extends from large murals all the way down to small art installations. You will hear more about the art, the artists, the techniques and of course the unforgettable "behind the scene" stories you can't find on google. The tour is suitable for all age groups.


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