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Faith47 is a self-taught contemporary street artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Faith47 is best known as a street artist, operating in South Africa and internationally via exhibitions and mural projects. She has received recognition for her work beyond her home country of South Africa and has participated in galleries, shows, and projects world-wide.

Faith47's work can be found in many locations in her home city of Cape Town, in Johannesburg and various other international cities around the world. Her style and the energy of her work is clearly recognisable, and is incorporated into the texture of the urban environment. Faith47's early work was inspired primarily by the social reality with which she is faced in her work on the streets of South Africa. She was interested in juxtaposing the vast difference between official policy, the promises of a better life brought in with the "New South Africa" post-Apartheid and the harsh reality of the lives of most South Africans living on the streets. Her Freedom Charter project, which featured phrases from the statement of core principles of the South African Congress Alliance on inner city streets of South Africa, is a good example of this. Other issues dealt with in this period revolve around protests of the time, for instance, around lack of housing. She was also interested in the ways in which people interact with their environments, leaving their trace on streets and bridges.

In later work, a pre-occupation with the natural world become more prominent. Human connections to animals and nature, the reflection of ourselves within the world around us and how humanity can learn from the nature is also reflected by the introduction of images of nature into urban environments.


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