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21:00 Fight Club: Space (Freedom) vs Place (Security)
Location: KÅKÅ, Valberget 3

Inspired by the original Greek Symposia where debates took place fueled by copious amounts of wine, Nuart introduce a current hot topic in Street Art culture to be debated by two opposing teams made up of artists, academics and industry professionals, all lubricated by alcohol. The audience are invited to participate and settle the score at the end of the discussion by voting for the winner.

For anyone who’s ever been to a conference and felt bored to distraction. For anyone who ever felt too inhibited to put their hand up during a Q&A. For anyone with an opinion about art in public space but without a platform to voice them. Fight Club is for you.

Space (Freedom) vs Place (Security)

It’s the constant risk, and perhaps fate of subcultures in general: drift into obscurity, or accept the change and calcify into an acceptable form that pays the bills?

This year's Nuart aims to act as a counterweight to the authoritarian monumentalisation of Street Art culture that Muralism has become. Through exploring alternative methods of organising - and offering the opportunity of greater freedom, or space, for artists to move through and work in - we hope to encourage Street Art to become adventurous again.

But is the 'security' that comes with mural festivals and the 'professionalization' of Street Art culture worth sacrificing what street artists lose in creative freedom? Is it reasonable to compromise what gave Street Art it's original potency for the security of a pay-check doled out by corporate-backed or civic funded mural festivals? Or does the new model of supersized Street Art festivals neuter the movement's power to reach those unpoliced zones where it can have its greatest impact?

Space or place? Freedom or security? You, the audience decide.

Team leaders Evan Pricco (Managing Editor of Juxtapoz Magazine) and Dr. Susan Hansen (Department of Psychology at Middlesex University) go head-to-head to argue these points and more in the latest installment of Nuart’s legendary Fight Club.

Refereed by Doug Gillen (Founder & Director, Fifth Wall TV)

Evan Pricco (US) is the founder and Managing Editor of the world’s leading international contemporary art magazine, Juxtapoz, based in San Francisco, California. Prior to starting Juxtapoz in 2006, Evan worked at SF-based gallery and apparel company, Upper Playground. He is the author of Juxtapoz’ continuing book series, including titles on Poster Art, Illustration, Handmade Art, and Contemporary Painting.

Susan Hansen (AU/UK) is Convenor of the Visual Methods Group and Chair of the Forensic Psychology Research Group in the Department of Psychology at Middlesex University, London; convenor of Art on the Streets, an annual symposium held at the Institute of Contemporary Art, and serves on the Editorial boards of the academic journals Street & Urban Creativity, and the Nuart Journal.

Doug Gillen (UK) is the founder and Director of arts based media outlet Fifth Wall TV. Fifth Wall create and enhance projects based around art, culture and social movements, with a focus on documenting the Street Art scene in London and beyond.

Photos by Kristina Borhes


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