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As you all know, we normally host Street Art Tours from May through September to celebrate and learn about the murals and artists from our previous festival line-ups. Unfortunately, due to the current unfolding global pandemic, we won’t be able to host physical tours until further notice. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates, and feel free to tag us in your own photos as you explore your city so that we can instead collectively celebrate artists and their work online together.

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Norway's most extensive and original street art tour.

Nuart offers private tours for groups of all sizes and ages, catered to your specific needs and interests. Our friendly tour guide will take you on a 90-minute walk that takes in smaller hidden artworks and talking points of previous Nuart Festival’s as well as grandstand murals spanning 15 years of Nuart Festival’s impressive Street Art history.

Covering the evolution of Stavanger into one of the world’s leading destinations for Street Art, our tours include an introduction to the roots of the movement – from Situationism and graffiti to stencil art and muralism - and take in work from an array of world-leading street artists operating across the spectrum of Street Art. Artists include the likes of Dabs Myla, Dan Witz, David Choe, Dolk, DotDotDot, Eine, Ella & Pitr, Evol, Faith 47, Hush, Isaac Cordal, Levalet, Logan Hicks, Martin Whatson, Neils Shoe Meulman, Nick Walker, Pure Evil, Pøbel, Roa, Swoon, Vhils and many more…

Visit our dedicated Street Art Tours site to discuss arranging a group tour! Tours are available in both English and Norwegian and unlike most other "street art" tours, are based on Nuart's own productions - giving participants a genuine up close and personal experience.

NUART'S FAMILY DAY TOUR: departing on Sunday 8 September is FREE, as part of the Nuart Festival program and will depart from Tou at 13:00 

Nuart Sentrum Street Art Tours take you through 15 years of Nuart Festival’s impressive Street Art history and the evolution of Stavanger into one of the world’s leading destinations for Street Art.

Departing every Saturday at 13:00 from Region Stavanger Tourist Office, Strandkaien 61, 4005 Stavanger.

Adults: 150kr. Student / Senior: 100kr. Children (under 11): free


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Join our weekly street art tours or arrange one tailored to your specific needs and interests


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